About Me

As an intuitive Tarot reader, I consider this my calling and my life’s purpose. Like many of us, I was wandering around life in search of direction. I began studying crystals and their healing powers. Although crystals are still an important part of my life, this path didn’t seem right for me. I struggled to find fulfilment until one morning, I checked my emails to discover I had bought my first Tarot deck. I have bought the cards in my sleep.

I had been to Tarot readings in the past, but I never thought of doing it myself. When the deck arrived, I didn’t think much of it, but to my surprise, I took the cards out of the box and something just clicked. Tarot reading comes so naturally to me. Within a week, I was throwing out 10-card spread reads. I found my purpose and I’ve never looked back.

Looking for Guidance?

As an experienced professional, I specialise in Tarot readings and card spreads.

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