What Is Tarot?

The Tarot was developed in Europe during the mid-15th century. Using this simple deck of cards and my intuition, I provide professional readings and guidance about your past, present, and future situation. I use the Tarot as a tool to help guide you in this journey called life, providing high-quality advice and insights that will help you to make positive changes in life. Nothing is set in stone, but ultimately, I leave the choice up to you.

tarot readings

Forming a Connection

When you request a Tarot reading, I will require a picture of yourself so I can connect to your energy. Once connected, I will hold and shuffle my deck with your question very clear in my mind. Based on my intuition, I will pull your cards and lay them out on a table with my crystals and my crystal ball, to increase energy vibrations.

tarot readings

Positive Readings

Using my intuition to develop a story between the cards and your question, I will then write up your reading and email it to you. While I will always try to produce a positive read, this isn’t always possible. In these cases, I will also pull an advice card to ensure you have a positive experience.

Want to Know More?

Whatever your needs, my tarot readings offer guidance about various aspects of life.

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