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The Celtic Cross Spread is my go to spread. Its a ten card spread.

This spread reveals the key attitudes and influences around you.

For example:-

What your current situation is and what is influencing you whether it's good or bad. What you can expect from this situation and what are the factors that are surrounding you.

How to deal with this situation, How the envirnment is effecting you. What are your hopes and fears and then of course the outcome of your situation.

The Celtic Cross

- Price – £40

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The Horseshoe

Revealing hidden issues and future influences, this is a 7-card spread which will allow you to clarify and deal with your current situation. By revealing the attitudes and obstacles that surround you in the past, present, and future, I will show you which path to follow.

- Price – £30

The Three-Card Spread

The Three-Card Spread

  • What Shall I Do?

  • Events from Your Past, Present, and Future

  • Yes or No Questions

This three-card spread covers a range of questions and areas of interest, including:

This is the simplest yet most powerful way to reveal key events in an instant and provide useful guidance concerning straightforward questions. I always alter this spread to your specific needs and requests.

- Price – £20

Seasonal Spreads

Seasonal Solstice  AND EQUINOX SpreadS

Undertaken at the beginning of each season of the year, this is a six-card spread that will provide advice and guidance about planning the following season.

I will pull two cards that represent the areas in which you believe that you need guidance in such as love, money, career or home life. This will enable you to anticipate obstacles and hindrances, plan for success, and work on your personal growth.

- Price – £35

Month Ahead Readings

I will pull a card to represent each week of the month, along with an advice card from my oracle deck, to provide guidance and insight on various aspects of the month ahead.

- Price – £20

Year Ahead Readings

I will pull a card to represent each month of the year, along with an advice card from my oracle deck, to provide guidance and insight about the year ahead.

- Price – £60

Past Year Reflection Spread

Representing your progress over the last year, this six-card spread helps you to reflect on the lessons you have learned and how you have changed in the last 12 months. This includes factors which have held you back, any outstanding issues you need to deal with, and your biggest achievements.

- Price – £35

The New Moon Manifestation Spread

The New Moon is all about manifestation. What would you like to bring into your life? This seven-card spread will provide answers and guidance regarding several questions and problems, including where you are, what you can do to strengthen your energy, what prevents you from achieving this, and how best you can address these issues and move forward.

- Price – £35

The Full Moon Spread

The Full Moon is all about releasing what is no longer serving you. Using this seven-card spread, I will advise you about what you should release from your life and what you should hold close to you. This will enable you to learn how your environment is affecting you, what you should be giving to others, and what new things you could possibly gain and learn at this point.

- Price – £35

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